We recognise the importance of a healthy diet in children’s development and eating well is an important part of keeping healthy. Children who eat a healthy diet are not usually ill as often, have more energy and a more developed concentration span. At Northumbria University Nursery we support children’s learning to enable them to make positive choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Young children are learning all the time from what they see as well as what they are told. Serving regular meals and sitting down with children at mealtimes is important. This is a great opportunity for children to learn to enjoy good food as well as table manners and social skills such as speaking and listening.

Nutrition & Drinks

All meals and snacks provided are nutritious. Foods from all the main food groups are included in our menus and include: Potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, pulses, milk, cheeses, and yoghurts. Foods high in fat will be served in smaller amounts since these should not be excluded as some fat in the diet is essential and also provides some of the fat soluble vitamins i.e. vitamins A, D, and E.

Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times and one third of a pint of  full fat milk is provided daily for the children.


Mealtimes are a relaxed and enjoyable time in our nursery. Babies sit in small groups around the table for family style meals.

Toddler and Pre School room children enjoy meals in small groups with staff in the Central Hall. They are encouraged to set their own lunch places, serve themselves when able, pour their own drinks, clear away their dishes and try all foods offered.

We aim to provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks for children at nursery. A wide variety of foods are provided to give children the experience of many different tastes and textures.

See an Example Menu

Breastfeeding & Formula Milk

We want our parents to feel comfortable to breastfeed and are always welcome to feed their child in our Baby Room. Expressed milk can be brought to nursery and stored in our fridge.  We supply your child’s stage 1 formula milk and we make bottle feeds upon demand to meet your child’s individual feeding routine.

Special Diets

Some children may have special dietary requirements including; allergies, cultural and religous preferences, and meat free diets. We will always talk to you how we can meet your child’s individual dietary needs. Allergen information is displayed on all nursery menus.


We support both parent-led and child-led weaning. We will work together with parents to follow your chosen plan to make your child’s weaning stage a positive stage in their development.