Clean and Healthy

We provide nappies, wipes, creams, formula milk, sun cream protection, sunhats, outdoor jackets, waterproof clothing, wellingtons, outdoor shoes for younger babies, bibs, bottles, all weather clothing and hats.

Meal Preparation

All meals are prepared fresh on site every day in our own kitchen. Menus have been reviewed by a Registered Nutritionist who is a member of the Nutrition Society and the Institute of Food Science and Technology who said ‘we provide a wide variety of nutrient rich and appealing foods for the children’.

Our Meals

Breakfast, mid-morning snack, two course lunch, afternoon tea, and a late day snack served every day.

Formula Milk Feeds

Formula milk feeds are made fresh throughout the day to meet your baby’s feeding routine

Fresh Filtered Drinking Water Fountains

Fresh water is at your child’s level encouraging access throughout the day to promote being healthy and hydrated.

Online Learning Journey records for every child

Helps us and you to record, track and celebrate your child’s progress in their early years education.

Language classes

Professional language company ‘Petits Poussins’ visits nursery every week teaching French to your Pre-school child.
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Music and Song

A professional musician visits us weekly playing music and singing songs for whole group sessions encouraging your child’s creative understanding and expression.

Dedicated music centre

Everyday opportunities for your child to listen to music, sing, play musical instruments, and move to music to develop their listening skills, to understand rhythm, recognise patterns of language which is also important for their early literacy development.

Dedicated sensory area

An opportunity for your child to discover and differentiate, these characteristics are the first steps in classification, or sorting — an important part of children’s science-learning and discovery.