Read what parents have to say about us

Kelly MacKinnon is a senior lecturer in architecture at Northumbria University. Her 14-month-old son Gabriel joined Northumbria Nursery four months ago.

"Both my husband and I have seen a huge difference in Gabriel since he started at nursery. He has become hugely independent and appears to be developing into a welladjusted little boy who is friendly, curious and incredibly sociable. I'm delighted with the care he receives - they go beyond professional and you can see that the staff genuinely love the children. We feel very lucky to have them looking after our little boy. Gabriel is due to have a little brother or sister in 11 weeks so we have immediately signed him/her up for a nursery place also. We can't imagine them going anywhere else."

Dr Katy Jenkins is a senior lecturer at Northumbria University. Her son Dylan is 19-months-old.

"Dylan has flourished at Northumbria Nursery and has been exposed to a wide range of activities in a sociable, supportive and attentive environment. The frequent outings to the library, art gallery, train station etc., are a particularly welcome feature of the nursery provision. The level of care the children receive is excellent. There are good staff-child ratios, nothing is too much trouble and staff always have time to tell you about your child's day or talk about any anxieties. I have every confidence in the nursery staff and Dylan is very happy there - sometimes so happy he isn't ready to leave at the end of the day!"

Dr Abigail Schoneboom is a lecturer in organisational theory and behaviour at the York Management School. Her son Oscar attended the nursery and her 22-monthold daughter Maisie has just moved out of the baby room to join the toddler room.

"The baby room is a magical place run by incredibly experienced staff. Maisie's keyworker is warm, caring, really great at communicating and highly organised. Maisie became quickly attached to her environment and I felt very confident that she was happy and safe there. Staff are very attentive to information about Maisie's needs and habits and give lots of feedback about how she is doing in different situations and adjustments they make to maximise her experience as an individual. The nursery is a really vibrant place with a great atmosphere - sometimes I don't want to leave!"

Claire Richardson is a veterinarian at Newcastle University. Her sons Leo, aged 3, and Lukas, 8 months, both attend the nursery.

"The children's physical, social and intellectual needs are well met. In particular, the baby room has been exceptional in coping with additional requirements for my son's eczema and food allergies. They have been professional, caring and extremely accommodating. I am continually impressed with the staff's flexibility in meeting each child's needs as well as the individual family preferences."