Paying for your Childcare



Full Day£52.74
Full Week£241.71
Mornings Full Week£170.25
Afternoons Full Week£159.30

Nursery fees are based on a 50-week year, calculated into a monthly fee.

Fees are payable monthly from salary for staff and by direct debit for community users.

The nursery fee structure is reviewed annually and is subject to increase from 1st August each year.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme (Northumbria University Staff)

Northumbria University operates a 'Salary Sacrifice' scheme for members of staff who use the city campus nursery.

For full information about how the sacrifice scheme works visit Salary Sacrifice (pdf).

Childcare Vouchers (Northumbria University Staff)

Northumbria University, in conjunction with Computershare Voucher Services has introduced a system whereby part of your salary can be exchanged for childcare vouchers, as part of its family friendly initiative.

Each parent or legal guardian working at Northumbria can receive Childcare Vouchers, which are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance up to £243 per month depending upon your salary. Further details can be obtained from the Computershare Voucher Services.

To register for Computershare Vouchers online, please download a Parent Information Pack, you will also need to quote our Employer Scheme Reference Number 386724. You will also need your payroll id and your national insurance number. Orders must be placed with Computershare by the 2nd of the month to enable vouchers to be processed which is before our own payroll deadline.

If you require any further information, please contact Louise Whitehouse in HR (

Childcare Vouchers (Community Users)

Northumbria University Nursery also accepts childcare vouchers from other providers including Accor, Sodhexopass, and Care-4. Please contact Deborah Thorpe to find out if we are registered with your voucher provider.


Free Hours

All 3 and 4-year-olds in England are entitled to maximum of 570 hours of free early education or childcare hours per year. Northumbria Nursery delivers this as a 'Stretched Entitlement' for children attending a full day, morning or afternoon over 50 weeks.

This means children attending can claim 3.8 hours free nursery hours per day up to a maximum of 11.4 hours per week:
3.8 hours per day x 3 days = 11.4 hours per week
11.4 hours per week x 50 weeks = 570 hours per year

Parents requiring only 15 hours Free hours over 2 or 3 days for 38 weeks per year should contact the Families Information Service; email: telephone: 0191 277 4133 for advice of other childcare providers in Newcastle where this may be available*

*Special consideration may be given in extenuating circumstances for the provision of one funded free place at Northumbria Nursery

Two year olds 
Some two year olds in England can also get free early education and childcare hours depending upon eligibility.

For further information about the Free Hours delivery please contact Deborah Thorpe.