How to Apply

Please complete and return your Staff or Community User Application Form to the Nursery Manager

Places available to book include full days, mornings or afternoon sessions.

A place will be allocated on the basis of an established regular pattern of attendance. This pattern of attendance will form part of the Nursery User Contract and will form the basis for fee calculation.


A nursery place will be allocated with an expected start date taking into account the child's age and places available in the relevant nursery rooms. Please note that the start date may be earlier or later than requested.

If a place is allocated you will be informed by letter and asked to complete an acceptance form and pay a £100 deposit. Upon receipt of an acceptance form and deposit, you will receive your nursery contract, payment details and an invitation to visit the nursery to arrange settling in visits for your child. If an acceptance form and deposit is not returned by the due date, it will be assumed that the place is no longer required and the offer will be withdrawn.